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The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) celebrates the historical significance of the 1945 Kansas City Monarchs, Jackie Robinson’s year with the team. Community members will have the opportunity to purchase seats next to their favorite celebrity or athlete in a virtual Ruppert Stadium for the 1945 Monarchs season. Additionally, members will be commemorated with their names on their virtual seats in the stadium and gain access to exclusive NLBM digital content and future live events.

1945 Ruppert Stadium NFT Season Tickets – Standing Room Only

Your season ticket supports the NLBM and grants you membership to the NLBM Fans Community. Help pack the stands of Ruppert Stadium to celebrate Jackie Robinson’s year in the Negro Leagues, and honor the historical significance of this time in history. NFT holders get exclusive community benefits and access to one-of-a-kind events held by the NLBM. 


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Experience Major League Fun!

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) Fans virtual community get exclusive museum content, invitations to community events, and create their own special place in history on the blockchain! In June 2022 we will release Ruppert Stadium virtual reserved seats with the opportunity for NLBM Fans to sit next to celebrities and professional athletes.

Catch Yourself on the Blockchain

Each season ticket holder will have the privilege of having their name, or social media handle, immortalized on a plaque in the 1945 Ruppert Stadium seating chart, which will be published on the blockchain to live on forever. 

How to Become One of The Fans

To join the NLBM Fans community you will need a season ticket to 1945 Ruppert Stadium, which is sold as a commemorative NFT. Starting with standing room only tickets, you will get community membership and early access to VIP virtual seats. Then, in June 2022 we will release reserved seats with the opportunity to sit next to celebrities and professional athletes. 

NLBM Fans Community NFT Roadmap

May 6th, 2022

The first NFT drop of Standing Room Only Seats on May 6th celebrates the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s first game with the Monarchs. He goes 1-4 with a run scoring double in a 6-2 Monarchs win over the Chicago American Giants.

Weekly Q&A Sessions

Every Thursday at 12 PM CT, ViciNFT will have weekly Q&A sessions on all things NFTs and digital wallets. The sessions will be hosted on Zoom and are an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered by our Vici team.

Summer of 2022

Community members are invited to a live Zoom call to hear riveting stories of the 1945 Monarchs and the Negro Leagues, hosted by the museum.

How it works

Order a 1945 Ruppert Stadium NFT Season Ticket and receive a digital wallet filled with goodies such as your NFT Season Ticket and Vicinity Community Charity Token. If you already have a digital wallet, please provide the address in your cart before checkout, and we will deliver your NFT directly to your wallet.

Receive your wallet & NFT

After your purchase, you will receive instructions to access your wallet and mint your NFT. If you provide your wallet’s address, you will receive instructions on how to view your NFT.

Connect to

Your digital wallet provides access to view, store, and gift your NFTs on More information to come!

Eco – Friendly NFTs

Our 1945 Ruppert Stadium NFT Season Tickets are developed using the Polygon blockchain. Unlike other  blockchains, the Polygon blockchain consumes only a fraction of energy, leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint. We made the choice to use the most energy efficient blockchain technology to create our 1945 Ruppert Stadium NFT Season Tickets.

What is an NFT?

NFTs, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, are one-of-a-kind digital items managed on the blockchain. Due to their non-fungibility, NFTs cannot be replaced with digital and fiat currencies since it is a unique token of its own value. These tokens work as digital certificates that are stored on a verified public database known as the blockchain. Examples of NFTs include artwork, collectibles, ownership certificates, and more.

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